for rice
basmatic rice:2 cup
lemon juice:1 tbsp
sunflower oil:2 tbsp
hot water:3 cups
for sauces mixture
butter:2 tbsp
sunflower oil:1 tbsp
onion chopped:1 cup
white pepper:1 tsp
chicken boneless boiled :250 g
chicken stock:1/2 cup
garlic chopped:2 tsp
ginger chopped:1/2 tsp
soya sauce:11/2 tbsp
tomato ketchup sauce:1 tbsp
garilc red chilly sauce:1 tbsp
spring onion chopped :1 cup
salt :as required
For garnish spring onion chopped
-Heat oil and butter in a pan, put onion chopped ,garlic ,ginger,salt saute for 2 min.
-then add chicken boneless boiled saute for 4 min.
-add spring onion chopped saute for 1 min.add chicken stock and white pepper.
-add soya sauce,tomato ketchup sauce,garilc red chilly sauce mix well.
-after that keep aside this sauces mixture.
PREPARATION OF RICE:Wash basmati rice and soak basmati rice in water for 15 min.after that drain water from rice,keep aside.
-Heat oil and butter in a heavy bottom pan,add basmati rice saute it for 3 min.
-finally add hot water,lemon juice and salt .
-allow the rice to cook 6 to 7 min.cover it with a lid.when rice cooked.
-finally add sauces mixture mix well .cook for 2 flame.
garnish with spring onion chopped .

  • CHICKEN FRIED RICE is ready.
    NOTE:when we boil the chicken that water we can use for stock.if can add some vegetable also .soya sauce contain salt be careful of salt.
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