Ghee rice

Basmati rice:3 cups
ghee:3 tbsp
sunflower oil:1 tbsp
clove(carambu):4 nos
cinnamon(karuvapatta):2 stick of 1 inch
cardamom(elachi/elakkai):4 nos
lemon juice:1 tbsp
hot water:6 cups
salt to taste
fried onion,rasin,cashew nut for garnish
Wash basmati rice and soak basmati rice in water for 15 min.after that drain water from rice,keep aside.
-Heat oil and ghee in a heavy bottom pan .put cinnamon,clove ,elachi saute it in low flame.add basmati rice saute it for 2 min.
-finally add hot water,lemon juice and salt .
-allow the rice to cook 7 to 8 min.cover it with a lid .
-garnish with fried onion,rasin,cashew nut .
-ghee rice is ready.
note:if you want u can put more ghee on top before serving.

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